and non-standard

Pumping equipment

Hydraulic pump test stands for units of pump stations
Automated stands for equipment tests
  • All types of tests and equipment adjustments
  • Fully automated test process
  • High accuracy of measurements
  • User friendliness
  • Equipment test-run at various modes of operation
Fuel equipment and pipelines test stands
  • Production environment - fuel TS-1
  • Electrical equipment of the stand ensures its operation in the class B-Ia zone according to the Rules of Electrical Installations.
  • Maximum operating pressure 6 MPa.
  • Operating environment temperature is 22 ... 28 ° C.
  • Fuel consumption through the product 552 kg / h.
Stands for pumping and washing aviation units and parts
Automatic cycle of body parts flushing followed by high-pressure air purging in order to remove foreign matters from part’s channels and holes.
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