and non-standard

Automated stands for equipment tests

  • All types of tests and equipment adjustments
  • Fully automated test process
  • High accuracy of measurements
  • User friendliness
  • Equipment test-run at various modes of operation

Hydraulic pump test stands for units of pump stations

Automated test stand for oil pump unit and scavenge pump.


  1. An oil unit run-in test on a drive shaft rotation from10 RPM to 23000 RPM at the same time the electrically-controlled regulating valves ball automatically (by means of the software) expose the demanded counter-pressures on a test procedure (to 4 bars) at the exits and depression (up to 350 mm Hg.) on inputs of five channels of pumping of an oil unit. During the run-in the tightness of outside joints of the case of an oil unit is also checked.
  2. Acceptance tests and adjustment of an oil unit are carried out at different rotating speeds of a drive shaft by measuring pressure on each channel. On certain modes adjustment of oil unit pressure reducing valve is carried out.
  3. A scavenge pump run-in test is carried out on rotating speed up to 2500 RPM, counterpressure (up to 2 bars), depression (up to 350 mm Hg.) and capacity measurement.

Capacity of units, pressure value on each channel, rotating speeds either of the two electric drives and temperature of oil are automatically registered and entered on the test record sheet.

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